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Xphobiacastings isn’t just like any other adult movie casting agency. We work with all genders, including transgender women and men. Our values are tolerance, self freedom, pluralism,  and liberalism. Our mission and vision are to show the world that it wouldn’t be wise to form your option on sex issues based on stigmas. It is better to lose upon preconceived opinions you might have. After all, having sex is one of the most enjoyable things a person can do.

We believe that in this way, we can even help a little bit to break the stigmas and discrimination that members of the proud community suffer from even today around the world. By working with us, you also contribute something to the world and make it a little more tolerant and pleasant place to live in. We also produce adult films that our model featuring our models. The films are sold through different platforms across the net. We have more than ten years of experience in the advertising industry with an emphasis on digital marketing. Over the years, we have helped dozens of businesses grow and establish and run entire communities online in various areas to know the world of advertising and digital to its core.

Size matters! By saying this, we mean that we are a small agency and production studio, which allows you close accompaniment and personal treatment, which will undoubtedly help advance your career. Whether you are new or have already done several jobs in the industry, our service will ensure to launch your career a few levels up. We are located in central London and shoot with photographers, producers, and studios worldwide. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or did some jobs be before. We invite you to join us and enjoy a service that will allow you to make good money while enjoying and accumulating experiences that you can not get anywhere else. Come and join us and experience porn and sex like you never thought you would.

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Model’s most frequent questions and answers

We receive various job offers from all kinds of photographers, producers, and studios worldwide. Also, we will create and manage your brand in the industry and increase your fan base. To do so, we use various marketing tools available today across the web, such as creating branded profiles under your stage name on social networks, creating unique and customized content for your fan base. It is important to note that without your collaboration, we can’t achieve meaningful results. Unlike many agencies, as we produce movies ourselves and sell them online. We treat our models as partners of our business and treat them with respect.

Almost nothing is obligated when you work with us, but It is shown that presents on the net and social media specifically significantly contribute to adult entertainment industry workers’ success. So, without it, your potential income would defiantly be harmed.

We can block, at your request, certain people or countries from accessing your profiles. Please note that you must keep in mind before you apply for this job that it is always possible that someone you know might be exposed to any of you content you make at some point or another. 

We charge fees solely from your income as payment for the work we have done for you. If you didn’t have any income in a specific month, you wouldn’t be charged a single penny. So there aren’t any monthly fees.

Of course, many parameters affect your income level, like how many amateur movies you shoot a month, how popular you are, your collaboration with us in producing non-sexual content, and more. It is imperative to mention that payments are made based on success, but on the other hand, you can shoot a scene and still earn from its sales even a year later. The average income is 1500 pounds (2000 or 1150 euros) per month when you shoot five scenes with us per month.

The movies we create are famous on various platforms dedicated to selling amateur videos like “OnlyFans” or “PornHub.” It is also vital for us to note that teasers are posted on Twitter and Instagram.

We produce a wide variety of movies as long as it’s a sexy and legal thing. For instance, vanilla, through gay porn, bisexuals, transsexuals, mothers/daddy, teens/twinks, taboos, BDSM movies, and a lot more.

The amounts of money you can earn are so different and depend on the producer, the nature of the fact, and of course, your seniority and popularity in the industry. Therefore, we can not give you exact amounts. However, say about an initial order of 300 pounds per scene (about 400$ or 340€).

We are based in central London. Due to the covid-19 situation in the recent year, Most of the producers and studios we are in contact with are based in London within the rest of Europe, but some in the rest of the world. If accommodation is needed for a particular job, we will take care of all your needs like food, transport or accommodation.

Usually between 2-4 hours.

Again almost nothing is mandatory. all of our models have to pass comprehensive std tests regularly. 

No, If you are planning to make home videos only. But it has been proved that videos with a clear face sell more than those without.

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